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A doctor-led team


We’re a doctor-led team that provides a specially designed range of vitamin drips to help people feel better – fast. Clients can either use the Drip app to book a home visit from a trained nurse or call in to a clinic for a treatment.

The head of our team is Dr Adil Ladak. Dr Ladak qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine, London, with Honours in 2005 and worked in a number of prestigious London teaching hospitals while carrying out his surgical training. He currently specialises in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology and also works as a General Practitioner.


Creating an exclusive line of drips


For many years, Dr Ladak has been interested in the latest medical thinking and research studies related to vitamin drips. His interest in this research was ignited further when his close friend and business investor, Bruno Burki, shared his personal experience in summer 2013, when the demands of his jet set life struck him down. Bruno’s remarkably speedy recovery was due to a vitamin B12 mix drip that was administered by the medics who attended him.

Since then Dr Ladak has spent time investigating research studies related to IV drips and has carefully tailored the Drip range to respond to specific needs of an evolving society.

A team of healthcare specialists


The Drip team is led by healthcare specialists, and supported by a team of specially trained nurses. They all have an interest in helping people to feel better, with the help of a quick healthy Drip vitamin boost.

Drip provides an exclusive range of vitamin drips and shots designed by Dr Ladak. Each is specially formulated to address a particular need.

A luxurious experience


We take our work seriously so our clients can lie back and enjoy a luxurious experience, safe in the knowledge that professionals are taking care of their well-being.


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